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My Group Fitness Picks for Singers

Happy Fitness Friday, operathletes!  Group fitness classes have always held a special place in my heart; yes, I may be biased as a group fitness professional myself, but I can honestly say that I learned almost all of what I know about safe, effective exercise in the group fitness room.  Ultimately, my experiences as a group exercise participant not only prepared me to become an instructor, but the enabled and empowered me to become an independent.. Read More

Lisette Oropesa is #OPERATHLETIC

Lisette Oropesa is a stunning soprano, compelling actress, and a true operathlete.  In addition to being an extremely successful and sought-after opera singer, Ms. Oropesa is also an avid runner/marathoner.  You can imagine what an honor it is to have had the opportunity to interview such an impressive performer, athlete, and role model. Ms. Oropesa has performed a myriad of “dream roles” with the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Opéra National de.. Read More

Low-Equipment, Full-Body Workout!

Happy Friday, operathletes!  You asked for it, so here it is:  a workout designed for performers with busy rehearsal/performance schedules!  Hopefully, this will be one of many video-workouts to come.  I recommend watching my little intro since it has a lot of information on how the workout is designed, but if you’d like to skip my blabbing and get straight to it, the workout starts at 3:45. I hope you all love.. Read More

Exercise Essentials for the Traveling Performer

One of the biggest issues facing traveling performers of all genres is a lack of access to a gym.  As a result, gig-season often jeopardizes a performer’s physical fitness regimen.  This can be detrimental to a performer’s overall health and wellness since starting an exercise regimen is a challenge, but maintaining it is an even more difficult feat.  In fact, it is a well-known statistic that more than 50% of people who.. Read More

Your New Tech-Week Sidekick: The Protein Shake

When I proposed creating a fitness blog for singers on the NEW new forum for classical singers, one of the first questions I received for OPERATHLETIC was:  “What can I eat during tech week and/or during a long performance that won’t jeopardize my singing, and help curb the post-performance binge?”  Let’s face it, we’ve all been there:  after a long day of rehearsal with little (or no) time to prepare a.. Read More