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Avoiding the “Holiday 15”

The holiday season is notorious for unintentional weight gain; but that’s to be expected when there are holiday cookies at every corner for nearly two months straight. Finding the balance between indulgence and blatant overeating isn’t an easy task, which can make the holidays extremely frustrating for the health-conscious individual. Fortunately, there’s no need to dread the holiday season. Despite popular belief, it is possible to lead a healthy lifestyle and.. Read More


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Gym Hacks for Traveling Performers

One of the most difficult parts of a career in performance is the constant traveling. Without a permanent “home base,” many performers feel as though they shouldn’t commit to one single gym. This can be a real issue for those leading an active lifestyle, because finding a gym in a new location is one thing, but getting to the gym without paying through the nose to do so can be a real challenge! If.. Read More

YOU AND IMPROVED: Finding the Perfect Gown

Rather than writing a how-to article on how to find the perfect dress, I’ve decided to feature some of my favorite stylish divas from Opera Diva Dress Collection who embody OPERATHLETIC’s motto, “Opera Singers are Vocal Athletes.” These three beauties are also interested in how their health and psyche affect them on and off the stage! – By Suzanne Vinnik, Founder of the Opera Diva Dress Collection   OPERATHLETIC is.. Read More

My Top 5 On-The-Go Snacks

Let’s face it:  making healthy choices isn’t always easy when you’re constantly on-the-go. Long rehearsal days leave little room to prepare healthy snacks and meals. However, there are a number of quick and healthy snacking options available to get you through your busiest days! You just need to know where to look, and what to look for. Today, I’m sharing my 5 favorite on-the-go snacks for long days with little-to-no breaks. Did.. Read More