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Beachbody: A Singer’s Story and Reviews

OPERATHLETIC is thrilled to have Ellen Broen, Beachbody coach & founder of OPERAfit, contribute to the blog! For this article, we asked her to rank her top 5 choices for Beachbody programs for the busy traveling singer — and as an active singer who is constantly on the road herself, she has some fantastic input on this subject! Thank you, Ellen, for being a part of OPERATHLETIC!  [Disclaimer: OPERATHLETIC does not endorse.. Read More

‘Super Food’ Smoothie 101

Smoothies are probably one of the nutrition world’s greatest heroes, but when prepared improperly, they can end up being the nutrition world’s worst villain. Well-balanced smoothies are a quick, easy way to get a good portion of your daily nutritional needs, making them an especially great option for the busy singer! However, they too often become a sugar pit when they’re loaded with too many fruits and not enough vegetables, excessive amounts of added sugar, and.. Read More

Joyce El-Khoury is #OPERATHLETIC

Joyce El-Khoury is not only a powerful presence, an exceptional soprano, and a strong operathlete, but she’s made it part of her life’s work to advocate against bullying. Throughout her travels, Ms. El-Khoury uses her own experiences with bullying to help be a voice for this social epidemic. Physical health is extremely important for performers to be conscious of, but mental health is an equally important component of total health & wellness that is all-too-often.. Read More

Fuel Your Instrument: Pre-Performance Meals

You’ve spent hours practicing, perfecting every measure, analyzing every character, picking the perfect performance outfit, planning every moment of the week before, all in preparation for the big performance(s)… Hours before you’re set to sing, it hits you: What do I EAT?!  In my experience, it seems that many performers have strong opinions on what NOT to eat, but don’t always detail what one should eat before a performance. Perhaps this is.. Read More

Healthy Dessert?! Yes, Please! | Cake in a Crate

At this point, I know the drill:  indulge in dessert, suffer with severe stomach pain for 2-3 days post-indulgence, do it all again next time. As someone with a long list of dietary restrictions due to intolerance, I honestly thought I’d never find a dessert that would leave me unscathed physically and mentally, due to the nearly unavoidable guilt that comes along with that slice of birthday cake. Cake in a Crate.. Read More