‘Super Food’ Smoothie 101

Smoothies are probably one of the nutrition world’s greatest heroes, but when prepared improperly, they can end up being the nutrition world’s worst villain. Well-balanced smoothies are a quick, easy way to get a good portion of your daily nutritional needs, making them an especially great option for the busy singer! However, they too often become a sugar pit when they’re loaded with too many fruits and not enough vegetables, excessive amounts of added sugar, and.. Read More

Joyce El-Khoury is #OPERATHLETIC

Joyce El-Khoury is not only a powerful presence, an exceptional soprano, and a strong operathlete, but she’s made it part of her life’s work to advocate against bullying. Throughout her travels, Ms. El-Khoury uses her own experiences with bullying to help be a voice for this social epidemic. Physical health is extremely important for performers to be conscious of, but mental health is an equally important component of total health & wellness that is all-too-often.. Read More