Deficit Dieting Myth: Breaking the Yo-Yo Cycle

Today I would like to share with you one of my most powerful lessons. This information encourages JFW clients & OPERATHLETIC readers to make positive changes forever so that they can experience life long wellness and finally start living the life that is waiting for them. This myth shines a light on the critical part nutrition plays in fitness. It addresses a popular fitness based philosophy that is, or once.. Read More

Healthy Dessert?! Yes, Please! | Cake in a Crate

At this point, I know the drill:  indulge in dessert, suffer with severe stomach pain for 2-3 days post-indulgence, do it all again next time. As someone with a long list of dietary restrictions due to intolerance, I honestly thought I’d never find a dessert that would leave me unscathed physically and mentally, due to the nearly unavoidable guilt that comes along with that slice of birthday cake. Cake in a Crate.. Read More

Avoiding the “Holiday 15”

The holiday season is notorious for unintentional weight gain; but that’s to be expected when there are holiday cookies at every corner for nearly two months straight. Finding the balance between indulgence and blatant overeating isn’t an easy task, which can make the holidays extremely frustrating for the health-conscious individual. Fortunately, there’s no need to dread the holiday season. Despite popular belief, it is possible to lead a healthy lifestyle and.. Read More