Michael Fabiano is #OPERATHLETIC

Michael Fabiano is a wildly talented tenor, dedicated performer, and a true operathlete. Recently named the hardest-working opera singer in show business, we feel truly honored to have had the opportunity to interview such an impressive individual! Known for his compelling performances, hard working nature, and euphonious tenor voice, it is no wonder why Michael Fabiano is the “man of the hour” in the opera world. Mr. Fabiano has an inspiring list of accomplishments… Read More

Could You Have Muscular Tension Dysphonia?

[Editor’s note] Today’s post is contributed by one of our three amazing expert panelists, Julian Rivera!  With a truly impressive wealth of knowledge in the health, fitness, and medical fields, Dr. Rivera is an asset to the OPERATHLETIC team. Learn more about Julian by reading his bio page here. I want to welcome you all to OPERATHLETIC and to my first post. Today, I will be writing about Muscular Tension Dysphonia (MTD)… Read More

Editorial: A Fitness Professional’s Perspective on Fat Shaming

Full disclosure:  I am not a professional psychologist, I am a fitness professional.  In this article, I will be speaking from experience, as well as referencing common principles of motivation in exercise and studies by appropriate professionals which address this issue. In light of recent events (namely, Nicole Arbour’s terrible decision to create this video), I thought it may be the time to sit down and talk about fat shaming… Read More

OPERATHLETIC Apparel: Pre-order NOW!

Hello, operathletes! It is with great pleasure that we announce OPERATHLETIC Apparel is now available to pre-order through our new Shopify storefront!!  As of now, our expected shipping date is October 2015 — however, we can and WILL ship sooner once we reach at least 15 pre-orders!  Classical singers are total rockstars on the stage; it is our goal that, through OPERATHLETIC apparel, performers will feel like rockstars at the gym, too 😉 EARLY-BIRD.. Read More