Low-Equipment, Full-Body Workout!

Happy Friday, operathletes!  You asked for it, so here it is:  a workout designed for performers with busy rehearsal/performance schedules!  Hopefully, this will be one of many video-workouts to come.  I recommend watching my little intro since it has a lot of information on how the workout is designed, but if you’d like to skip my blabbing and get straight to it, the workout starts at 3:45.

I hope you all love this low-equipment, full-body, 1-hour workout as much as I loved designing and filming it!  It is sure to get you sweating wherever you are, without a trip to the gym.  Don’t forget to share this tutorial with both your singer and non-singer friends!  Thank you to Multisport Fitness for allowing me to use their wonderful facility to film.  Click here for a printable workout summary.

With love,
Kendra Signature with Photo

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