My Group Fitness Picks for Singers

Happy Fitness Friday, operathletes!  Group fitness classes have always held a special place in my heart; yes, I may be biased as a group fitness professional myself, but I can honestly say that I learned almost all of what I know about safe, effective exercise in the group fitness room.  Ultimately, my experiences as a group exercise participant not only prepared me to become an instructor, but the enabled and empowered me to become an independent.. Read More

The 15 most powerful, healing and fat loss herbs

[Editor’s note] Today’s post is contributed by one of our three fabulous expert panelists, Jennifer Fleischer!  With a contagious vigor for life and an incredible wealth of knowledge, Jennifer Fleischer is truly a “rock star.” Learn more about Jenn by reading her bio page here at OPERATHLETIC, or by visiting Here is my list of the top 15 herbs and 1 plant that can promote health and fat loss! 1… Read More

Lisette Oropesa is #OPERATHLETIC

Lisette Oropesa is a stunning soprano, compelling actress, and a true operathlete.  In addition to being an extremely successful and sought-after opera singer, Ms. Oropesa is also an avid runner/marathoner.  You can imagine what an honor it is to have had the opportunity to interview such an impressive performer, athlete, and role model. Ms. Oropesa has performed a myriad of “dream roles” with the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Opéra National de.. Read More

Low-Equipment, Full-Body Workout!

Happy Friday, operathletes!  You asked for it, so here it is:  a workout designed for performers with busy rehearsal/performance schedules!  Hopefully, this will be one of many video-workouts to come.  I recommend watching my little intro since it has a lot of information on how the workout is designed, but if you’d like to skip my blabbing and get straight to it, the workout starts at 3:45.

I hope you all love this low-equipment, full-body, 1-hour workout as much as I loved designing and filming it!  It is sure to get you sweating wherever you are, without a trip to the gym.  Don’t forget to share this tutorial with both your singer and non-singer friends!  Thank you to Multisport Fitness for allowing me to use their wonderful facility to film.  Click here for a printable workout summary.

With love,
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Exercise Essentials for the Traveling Performer

One of the biggest issues facing traveling performers of all genres is a lack of access to a gym.  As a result, gig-season often jeopardizes a performer’s physical fitness regimen.  This can be detrimental to a performer’s overall health and wellness since starting an exercise regimen is a challenge, but maintaining it is an even more difficult feat.  In fact, it is a well-known statistic that more than 50% of people who.. Read More